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Bonkers Blog September 2009

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19 September - Wilton Road parking penalties

I was speaking to my friend Terry this morning who owns property on Wilton Road. Wilton Road forms the boundary with Greenwich. You may notice that the waste bins on each side of the road are different and one side of the road is often filthy while the other side has been cleaned.

Terry was telling me that the Bexley parking attendant had warned him that as of today the parking regulations are being interpreted differently. They have for a long time been of the ‘Maximum 60 minutes, no return within the hour’ variety. However the definition of return has been changed. You cannot return anywhere within the locality, even if you return to the other borough. No official warning to motorists who will have grown accustomed to what they have been able to do and not do and who won’t be aware of the changes until too late. That might reduce the revenue streams. I saw the penalty notices being attached to windscreens and as many as four photographs taken of each alleged offence. I cannot imagine that any reasonable person would anticipate that driving off from a legal parking space and returning later to another recognised space in a different London borough would result in a hefty fine.

What can you say about Bexley council’s behaviour? They must really hate every one of us.


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