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Bonkers Blog October 2009

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18 October - A really clever bit of parking - click any image for photo gallery (3 images)

Parking obstacle Parking obstacle Parking obstacleAndrew Bashford, the council apparatchik whose job it was to oversee the redesign of Abbey Road and who falsely claimed it met the recommendations of the Transport Research Laboratory and the Department of Transport was right about one thing: that parked vehicles tend to slow passing traffic, albeit with the unfortunate side-effect of causing them damage. Here we have a prime example of it. The wide angle lens makes it look less of an obstacle course than it actually was. The Citroen is parked between the two bollards which stand opposite the junction with Carrill Way. It certainly had the effect of slowing traffic while it was parked there for at least an hour while I enjoyed a little of October’s sunshine around Lesnes Abbey.

It reminded me of the time I was sitting at the front of a bus passing through Northumberland Heath which came up to a line of awkwardly parked cars. The driver didn’t hesitate, he kept going and with a machine gun like sound removed ten or more wing mirrors. Fortunately for the Citroen owner this bus driver has a little more room.


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