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Bonkers Blog November 2009

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17 November - Confusing signs. Can Bexley council do nothing right? - click any image for photo gallery (3 images)

Flying cycles? Cycles keep to the nearside of the pavement Cycles keep to the outside of the pavementYou may assume from reading this blog that I don’t often venture far from Abbey Road, Belvedere and in some respects you would be right. After Bexley took over parking control from the police many years ago, I stopped shopping in Bexleyheath, preferring to drive to friendlier towns and now that I hardly ever use a car it’s a habit that hasn’t lapsed. Getting away from Bexleyheath by train from Abbey Wood is invariably far more attractive. I now realise it’s a very good job I do tend to confine myself to such a small corner of the borough; I dread to think how much idiocy I would stumble upon daily if I went further afield, there is quite enough nonsense within a few hundred yards of home.

I should have noticed before but I had been pre-occupied with the ugliness of the plethora of new road signs introduced to Abbey Road and I’d not properly taken in their full meaning. It looks as though Bexley has bought a job lot of signs and not stopped to consider what was required following the introduction of their recipe for collisions. In the space of a few metres on a pavement devoid of any demarcation between cyclists and legitimate pavement users there are signs indicating cycles flying over parents and children, others only acknowledging the rights of cyclists, some accompanied by warnings of elderly people, and others not. And where signs indicate a demarcation line between cyclists and pedestrians, even though no such demarcation is present, the signs contradict each other, some indicating cyclists should keep near to the road and others the reverse. I suppose it’s what’s to be expected when allowing thickos to occupy positions of responsibility.


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