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Bonkers Blog November 2009

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16 November - More powerful eyes spying on you - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Bexley spycamsHarrow Manorway and the adjacent Abbey Wood railway station must be one of the most spied upon places in Bexley. The number of cameras in the vicinity is in the low teens with up to four mounted on poles only a couple of feet apart. I find it really unnerving (and I’m not alone according to site feed-back) to have unknown eyes following my every move. It’s not as though the operators can be trusted as the several News Shopper reports of them peering through bedroom windows will confirm. But all that is now a thing of the past, the old cameras have been replaced by dome mounted devices which can look in any direction but it’s near impossible to tell which.

I have some experience with these ‘dome’ cameras, I have one mounted over my front door. The steering and zooming capability is disabled as it is pointless unless I am prepared to monitor it constantly, but while setting it up I did play around with it for a while. It can pick out a single brick on a house 150 metres from me or focus on a single car well over a quarter of a mile away. There is no escape from this intrusive spying eye and who would trust Bexley council to do anything with totally honest intentions? What do the Harrow Manorway cameras monitor? The bus lane of course, and was that bus lane installed to speed the passage of buses. No it wasn’t. Bexley council admitted in writing to me that it was installed solely to persecute car drivers dropping off passengers for the station.

One must wonder about the sort of people that Bexley council, probably most councils, employs. My guess is that the Hitlerite tendencies go hand-in-hand with low intelligence. If one wishes to be some sort of boss, the honourable route is to study, work hard and be successful in one’s chosen career. But if one is is some sort of power crazed dunderhead the obvious job is in local government where one is immediately able to indulge almost any wicked fantasy with impunity. Such as sticking up inadequate parking notices and collecting fines or wrecking people’s lives.


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