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Bonkers Blog November 2009

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13 November - Council soaks us again

It’s not often I have to use an umbrella on the morning walk to get my newspaper and today was the first wet walk I recall along the new, narrow, dangerous Abbey Road. It wasn’t a torrential downpour, just a steady drizzle, but enough for water to accumulate alongside the kerbstones. As the cars went speeding by with no space for recovery from error thanks to the stupidly gullible Conservative councillor Peter Craske, the extra risk of them skidding into pedestrians crossed my mind, but that proved not to be the immediate concern. This busy road is now so narrow, once the parking spaces have filled, drivers must keep their nearside wheels close to the gutters to avoid collisions and throw up a near constant spray of water for pedestrians to contend with. I bet the numbskulls such as Andrew Bashford who designed this calamity never thought of that.


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