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Bonkers Blog July 2009

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23 July - Power failures

I sent an email to the council’s Contact Centre last Monday chasing up a long unanswered email about the nonsense going on in Abbey Road, Belvedere and the next day it came bouncing back with a mail server generated message to say delivery wasn’t possible and that the server would keep trying for a week. Today (Thursday) the Contact Centre replied to my enquiry and apologised for the delay in answering.

“As you will be aware, the borough has suffered from power cuts due to EDF’s power station problems at Dartford Power Station. Council pc systems have therefore been inaccessible during this period, and today is the first day that we have been fully on line.”

Well yes, I can understand how their desktop computers might not work, but the main mail server too? That should hold the mail just as it does over a weekend. But ah! The council’s website was down too so yes they do run their on-line services from somewhere within the affected area, probably the town hall (do they still use simple descriptions like that?) So in an emergency like a four day power cut, when residents might be expected to look at the council’s website for advice, the thing goes off air! Good strategic thinking Bexley council, you have come up smelling of roses again!


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