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Bonkers Blog December 2009

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26 December - Prioritise spending to reduce our taxes? Don’t make me laugh!

It was 1:25 in the morning and the mean streets of Welling were deserted except for one car with a single occupant making its way along Wickham Lane to its destination a few streets away. However Bexley council in its wisdom had decided to spend the holiday tracking vehicles with its C.C.T.V. system. Every report on C.C.T.V. has shown that their constant intrusion into our lives has failed to cut crime and even street robberies are not being significantly countered by them. At best 3% are solved with the help of C.C.T.V. evidence. It is probable that Bexley council is prepared to waste our money in the early hours of Boxing Day solely to try to catch minor motoring transgressions and because too many of their officials are hateful jobsworths who can barely muster a brain-cell to share between them.


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