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Bonkers Blog December 2009

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24 December - Speed indicators in Abbey Road

Mr. Filey is on the ball isn’t he? Just two days after he received my report about the non-working speed indicators in Abbey Road they were working again. A pity the email took two weeks to get through the council bureaucracy and that Andrew Bashford didn’t pass on my enquiry of last September. Mr. Filey says he relies on reports by council staff and members of the public. Dozy Davey passes the speed indicators fairly regularly (I’ve seen him) and one must wonder why a councillor can’t be bothered to mention them. Councillor Davey has quite a track record of standing idly by when things go wrong. Just what is the man for?

Traffic was being slowed by the water in ‘Bashford Bay’ just down the road but in the 15 minutes I spent watching the indicator the fastest I saw was 42 m.p.h. For some reason as each car passed the sign it consistently and instantly flicked over to a much lower speed without the vehicle appearing to have slowed. When the weather improves I shall look again. There are no photos of the speeding traffic because either the digital camera doesn’t register the flashing display or I was very unlucky with the timing of the 13 pictures I took. I’ll experiment to see if I can do better.


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