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Bonkers Blog December 2009

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20 December - Bexley council. Dabbling with law breaking again?

A radio news item mentioned spam email the other day and for a moment I wondered what they were talking about because it is so long since I received any (at least two years) that I’d half forgotten what it is. I do take precautions to prevent it and one of those is that I use a different email address for each of my correspondents. If for example I buy something on-line from the ABC Gadget Company I make up an email address of and cancel it the moment I’ve finished with them. Only addresses I have specifically marked for use can be used to reach me.

That’s what I did when I was corresponding with councillor Davey, Andrew Bashford and Will Tuckley - if you can call a totally one-way communication with the C.E.O. a correspondence - about the Abbey Road farce. Apart from using it to report bin problems and gully thefts to the Deputy Director of Customer Relations no one else in the world knows exists; so when I suddenly get deluged with salacious messages addressed to that address as I have been since last Friday I know that only one organisation can be responsible for signing me up to some sex site or whatever needs to be done to get on the spammers’ mailing lists.

When the correspondence with Andrew Bashford and co. ended I stopped using that address and switched to another but didn’t bother to cancel the older address. Low though my opinion of Bexley council is, it never occurred to me that they would resort to that sort of abuse. The current address remains spam free and has been belatedly cancelled, ending some small minded criminal’s little game.

My Internet Service Provider treats me very generously; when they heard what this site was to be used for they provided the facilities absolutely free of charge and they allow me full administrative control over their mail server. I cannot only set up or cancel email addresses instantly on-line I can direct the incoming traffic wherever I wish. I have resisted the temptation to have the address pass email back to Bexley council but if spam recommences to any other bexley@address known only to me and Bexley council I shall know who is responsible and what to do.


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