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Bonkers Blog December 2009

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17 December - Let there be as little light as possible

The plans and reports to councillors concerning roads that were available on the council’s website have been removed, or possibly simply moved. The links from this site have had to be amended. It is no longer as easy to check on the full extent of Bexley council’s failures, dishonesty and willingness to put the population in greater danger. Fortunately I kept copies.

On 9 December I asked the council if they were going to reinstate the speed indicators in Abbey Road to see if their prediction of reduced speeds would come true. Early this morning in icy conditions I saw a small car go by at at least twice the legal limit. Fortunately that sort of speed isn’t all that common but it would be interesting to see how the speeds compare to the average 28·9 m.p.h. recorded before the work commenced. Today the contact centre told me that my enquiry would be forwarded to Rupert Cheeseman. Not exactly speedy in transferring enquiries to the man in charge are they? What happened to the promise to reply within two working days heralded in the latest issue of the Bexley Magazine?

P.S. On 18 December Mr. Cheeseman told me that the speed indicators weren’t his responsibility and my enquiry has been sent back to the Contact Centre to try their luck again.


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