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Bonkers Blog December 2009

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16 December - Let there be light

It was only a little after 7 o’clock in the morning but a white van man council contractor was doing something to the keep left bollards in Abbey Road. When I returned no more than 15 minutes later it was lit up and he had moved on to the bollards near Elstree Gardens. Its closest neighbour however was still dark; how could it be otherwise when the supply cable is still poking out of the ground unconnected? One day Bexley council will get its act together, but not one suspects while it is run by the imbecile Tories who are in charge at the moment.

I was speaking yesterday with the Transport Research Laboratory man who helped me demolish Andrew Bashford’s juvenile arguments in favour of giving priority to a very small number of cyclists at the expense of pedestrian and vehicle safety in Abbey Road. I admitted with some trepidation that I had labelled him ‘a clown’ on this blog expecting to get some mild reprimand for over-stepping the mark. “Well they (council road planners) pretty much all are” came the reply and he told me about the 20 m.p.h. zone installed near to where he lives. Because only one side of the road is residential and the other side is rural, the council didn’t want the signs to be an eyesore. So they made all the 20 signs green and not the regulation red, thereby rendering the whole zone unenforceable. So when Bashford has wrecked Bexley and got the well deserved elbow, there are places where even he might be welcomed.


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