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News and Comment December 2009

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13 December - The election looms

A couple of election leaflets have dropped through my letterbox. Boris Johnson tells me what a wonderful job he has done with a carefully worded sheet that probably omits more than it includes. He tells me something I didn’t know; that the Freedom Pass is now usable all day every day. So that’s goodbye to the ‘Twirlies’ then. Where was the publicity for that? As Boris says “it makes it easier for our seniors to travel to hospital appointments”. Well maybe not for those in the Lower Belvedere and Lesnes Abbey areas who need to get to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich. They have the choice of the infrequent 469 bus which meanders around many backwaters and can take best part of an hour, or jump on a train which can sometimes get you all the way there (with the help of a five minute bus journey from Woolwich) in as little as 12 minutes but isn’t free before 09.30. But one cannot argue it’s not a move in the right direction and Boris so far seems to do more things right than the Jew-baiting amateur pugilist that preceded him.

The other leaflet was the local Conservatives’ Lesnes Abbey ward one. While Boris successfully hides his failures, like doing nothing to improve the Thames crossing situation (where’s the Blackwall contra-flow got to?), the local bunch produce far more dubious logic for re-electing them. I think it is bad enough to deserve an entry in the Politics section.


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