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Bonkers Blog December 2009

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6 December - Dozy Davey and Calamity Craske make a splash - click any image for photo gallery (2 images)

Puddles on Abbey Road Car makes a splashThe plans for Abbey Road carelessly cobbled together by Andrew Bashford and thoughtlessly approved by Conservative councillor Craske have made life far more exciting (**) for pedestrians especially on rainy days.

The overnight rain stopped before 8 a.m. but three hours later the puddle which at dawn nearly spanned the whole road was still reaching half way across each carriageway. Bashford told Craske that his scheme would slow the traffic but there’s been little sign of that, maybe more rain is the answer. I really must get around to asking when the roadside speed indicator will be restored to working order. They won’t be keen to have it prove that not one single aspect of this crazy scheme has been a success.

** Cyclists on pavement with conflicting guidance as to where they should ride.
** Unlit pedestrian refuges. Pedestrians on refuges forced to stand within a foot or two of passing traffic.


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